Saturday, September 10, 2011


In life, there are moments that you can pinpoint where you were, what you doing, & the sights and sounds around you. These moments (happy or sad) whether it be: your baptism, JFK being shot, the Berlin Wall being torn down, becoming a mother/grandmother, or September 11th... change each of our lives forever. This Sunday, 9/11/11. marks two memorable occasions: Grandparents Day and the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

I never knew either of my grandfathers but I have been blessed to know both grandmothers. My Granny Annie (paternal) died when I was small but my memories of her are larger than life. I savor each and every one of those memories holding them close to my heart. My Granny (maternal) is 95 and staying with us. My memories of her are widespread. They range from being a scared little girl on her lap to a 33 yr. old going shoe shopping. I relish each one of these memories. I hope you take time to tell your grandparents how much you love and cherish them.
This is the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I remember the moment I heard that a plane had hit a tower of the World Trade Center. I was a teacher at the time and my students were in gym class. When the students arrived back to the classroom, we listened to the events unfold. I remember the children asking why this was happening and I had no answer for them. We let school out early that day so that everyone could be with loved ones. The one thing I remember most about that time is that as a nation we came together as a family. On our money, we have the Latin phrase, E pluris unim, one out of many. Our nation embodied that phrase. That attack was meant to destroy/divide & conquer. Instead, it brought us closer.
Whether the memories are good or bad, they shape each one of us. Our actions based on an event make & mold our character. As you commerate the September 11th, take time to remember both the sweet & bitter/sorrow & happiness because: you can't have the rainbow without the rain.

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