Sunday, November 21, 2010

Take One for the Team

It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If you having been following this blog, you know this day drives fear into the hearts of my family. Two years ago, I broke knee cap on this Sunday. Last year, my Granny broke her hip. I thought everything was copacetic. My whole family had made it to church without any mishaps. I still am not tempting the Lord my God. However, when arrived we learned that our minister Martin had been in the ER with his back. He did get to go home right before church started. Thank the Good Lord above!
We hope everyone will pray for Martin and his family just as they did for my family during our time of need.
My mom told Brenda (Martin's wife) to thank Martin for taking one for the team this year, my family needed a year of rest.
Take care, Martin.

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